Sunday, June 7, 2009

Placement activities @ Royal

Prominent companies like WIPRO, Sutherland, e4e, Prashanth Associates etc came to our campus last year. Major software Bangalore based companies namely LCube Innovations, BCS etc prepared to conduct recruitments in the coming months. Our students are encouraged to participate in almost all the recruitments conducting in Kerala campuses. They are providing with transportation facilities for attending out-of-station recruitments, coaching for the recruitment procedure, training programmes etc for making them geared up for the recruitment process. The list of our recruiters not limited to:
Infosys, IBS, Satyam computers, HCL, L&T Infotech, WIPRO, Sutherland, Shobha Developers, I-Flex, Subex Azure, US Technology, I-Gate, All Sec Technologies, CEMEX, Mphasis, NeST, Agile Programmers, Slash Support, CRIS, Kanbay Technologies, Sea View Support System.
Regular training programme namely “Stepping Stone” has been imparted to all of our students from Day 1 onwards for personality development, communication skills, confidence boosting, psychological counselling, aptitude test, group discussion, debate, interactivities and many more for supplementing everything they lack to become an expert professional. Besides these, expert outside trainers like Turning Point, Integer Education etc are brought to our campus to give training programmes.


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