Monday, June 29, 2009

K M E A Engineering College, Alwaye

KMEA is committed to providing high-quality education for all of its students.An education at Cochin offers an environment conducive to the best learning situations - individualized academic support, dedicated teaching faculty, personal educational and financial counseling, and the beauty and security of a campus in the College.

Providing appropriate financial assistance for worthy students is continuing commitment to its heritage as a leading institution of higher learning accessible to everyone qualified for admission.

The college offers the following B.Tech Programmes:
* B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering (8 semesters) 60 seats
* B.Tech Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (8 semesters) 60 seats
* B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering ( 8 semesters) 60 seats
* B.Tech Information Technology (8 semesters ) 60 seats
College Campus Office
Ph:0484 2411003,2411004


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